Turnstile Validator

The elegantly designed validator helps public transport operators to collect their revenues safely by using contactless smartcards. kentkart technology enables the application of multiple fare-table configurations to all operating validators with a wide range of communication interfaces (zone, time-based or check-in/check-out fare tariffs) at all times. Validators are enriched with embedded Ethernet and USB modules. System is designed for access control for public trasportation (metro, ferry, tram etc.) and public activities (concert, stadium etc.). Various connection alternatives such as GPIO and serial port provide opportunity to easy integration for different mechanisms. Supports bidirectional access control and distance based fare tariffs. With its ethernet connection system sends transacton information to the host regularly.

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Procesor 1GHz ARM Cortex A8
Flash 512 MB Flash /16MB SPI Redundant Data Flash
Real Time Clock Battery Powered RTC
LCD 480x640 5.7” TFT LCD
User Interface

Hardened Glass Protective Screen

4 indication LEDs

Communication Interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbps / RS232 / RS485 / USB 2.0 (Host/Client) 
Smart Card Reader 1xID-000 SIM Card (Internal) ISO7816, GSM Standards
Contactless Card Reader

ISO 14443 Type A/B,

Level 3 Cards: Mifare Classic, UL, ULC, My-D Move,

Level 4 Cards: Mifare Desfire, Plus, 7816-4 File System

Smart Cards, Java Cards, Contactless Credit Cards

External Card Reader MicroSD Card Reader


Power Supply PoE PD 802.3af, High Voltage Protection
Power Consumption 30W
Operating Temperature -20°C .. +70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C .. +80°C
Humidity 10%... 90%
EMC EN 55022, EN 55024, EN50155
LVD EN 60950-1
Vibration&Shock​ 60068-2-6, 60068-2-27, EN60721-3-5
EMV EMV Level 1, Master Card-Paypass, Visa-payWave Certified