Kentkart started payment by smart phones in public transportation for the first time in the world in Manisa.

Utilizing its progressive R&D Department, Kentkart has always played a pioneering role in creating state of the art technology. Its latest product called “Mobilkentkart” is an application developed for NFC enabled smart phones, and it is put into effect in the city of Manisa.

Great Convenience in Public Transportation! Actualized by Kentkart and BKM Collaboration

As the world is turning fast forward into a society without cash, Kentkart and BKM (Interbank Card Center) actualized an application in Turkey that is bound to be a model for many countries. The Çanakkale Transportation Project which is also supported by the Municipality of Çanakkale provides an easy journey for both the inhabitants of Çanakkale and about 2.5 million domestic and international visitors to the city.